Oni Gbenga 👨🏽‍🎓CS 👨🏽‍💻Software & DevOps Engineer ☁️ AWS Consultant | 2x AWS Certified. Laravel,NodeJS,Go,React(Native),Docker,k8s


13 Stories by Oni Gbenga

Deploy a Docker-ized Laravel Application to AWS ECS with CodeBuild

Photo Credit: Tyler Casey Containers have gradually become a wide-spread and widely accepted technology. They are a standard unit of software that encapsulates your code,...
0 7 min read

Setup Continuous Integration and Deployment(CI/CD) for a PHP application with Github and AWS CodePipeline

CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service that enables you model, visualize and automate the steps required to release your application and software. CodePipeline automates...
2 6 min read

Introduction to Workbox — A Service Worker Library

With new technological introductions like the Service Worker, Progressive Web Apps are taking the future of web apps to places we never imagined. The...
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